Crochet Stitches 22 stitches and 5 projects by Leisure Arts:



Crochet stitches (22 stitches and 5 projects) is a great book for beginners and intermediates. This book is very helpful to people who do not know different stitches. This book is easy to read and to follow the patterns. There are useful patterns such as dish cloths and wraps. :Page count 48

Whats inside?


  1. Double-Up Stitch
  2. Little Waves
  3. Ladders
  4. Duet
  5. Little Boxes
  6. Crimp Stitches
  7. Snuggled Shells
  8. Basket Weave
  9. Loose Waves
  10. Sculpted Shells
  11. Odyssey
  12. Gull Stitch
  13. Dual Clusters
  14. Posted Shells
  15. V- Stitches
  16. Interruption
  17. In Depth
  18. Horizontal Chevrons
  19. Alternating Post Stitches
  20. Alternating Shells
  21. Double Crossed Trebles
  22. Tulip Lace


  1. Wrap
  2. Lacy Accent
  3. Dual Custer Dishcloth
  4. Double Crossed Trebles Dishcloth
  5. Cherished Reminder

General Instructions

Yarn information

Personal Opinion:

Personally I find the patterns in this book very helpful and easy to follow. The step by step instructions in this book are very simple to follow. I highly recommend this book to anyone new to crocheting or anyone that wants to learn a few quick patterns.

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5 thoughts on “Crochet Stitches 22 stitches and 5 projects by Leisure Arts:

  1. Yvonne Austin says:

    I do not understand the Gull Stitch. Do you have a video tutorial on this please?

    • StacyStaten says:

      That is one of the stitches that I’ve had trouble with myself. You can always try looking up the Gull Stitch on youtube…

      • Yvonne Austin says:

        I did, and it either does not exist before this book or only in knitting.

      • StacyStaten says:

        It probably didn’t exist before this book I don’t really know. However I have never done this stitch before…. Wish I could help more. You can always purchase the book and maybe it will help.

  2. Shirley says:

    I have the book and very disappointed that these instructions are not clear at all. Also there is nothing that I can find on the Internet on how to do the gull stitch.

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