Review Now! Small Silver Butterfly Pentacle Pendent by Dryad Designs


This elegant hand crafted butterfly pentacle pendent is great to wear for all occasions. The butterfly represents transformation; the pentacle is a symbol of the five elements earth, air, water, fire,  and spirit. It is also a symbol of unity and protection.  This pendant is light weight with a size of Size: Size: 5/8″h x 11/16″w. These two powerful symbols together represent the transformational power of spirituality.

Symbolic Meaning of the Butterfly:

  • The symbolic meaning of the butterfly is change and transformation,
  • Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life or personality
  • Moving through different life cycles
  • Renewal, rebirth
  • Elevation from earthly matters, turning into emotional or spiritual
  • The world of the soul, the psyche
  • Time
  • Soul
  • Grace
  • Growth
  • Elegance
  • Expansion
  • Lightness
  • Surrender
  • Transition
  • Expression
  • Celebration
  • Resurrection

In many cultures the butterfly represents the soul, finding joy in life and lightness of being. This is an amazing symbol, with so many positive and transformational meanings.

Symbolic Meaning of the Pentacle:

The pentacle, also known as the pentagram: The pentacle has five points, the top representing the spirit the other four representing the four elements; earth, air, fire, and water. The number five has always been regarded as mystical or magical. We commonly note the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. We have five stages to life; birth, childhood, adolescence, parenthood, and death. The number five is also associated with the planet Mars which signifies severity, conflict, and harmony through conflict. In Christianity five represents the five wounds of Christ on the cross. In the Muslim faith there are five pillars and five daily times of prayer.  The pentacle has been believed to be a potent symbol of protection against evil, a symbol of conflict that shields the wearer and the home. The pentagram has five spiked wards and a womb shaped defensive, protective pentagon in the center.

My Personal Opinion:

Personally, I love this pendent and the symbolism is very special to me. I always look for symbolism in the jewelry I wear. This pendant is very unique because it has two powerful symbols, the transformational symbol of the butterfly and the protective and unity symbols of the pentacle is what makes this pendant special to me. I like the light weight and I love the smooth texture to this pendant, the way it lays next to my skin.  I highly recommend this pendant to anyone who likes symbolism in their jewelry.

About the Designer:


Quoted from their web site

“Our hope is to support and inspire earth based spirituality.

Paul and Suzanne

We are devoted to the Pagan religion and see our work as revitalizing the presence of the Goddess in our society. For those who are not Pagan, our pieces often connect them with their spirituality, heritage or ancestors. Each of our pieces are consecrated in circle and dedicated to the service of the divine. Several designs have a portion of their price donated to charitable organization, as our way of trying to give back. We are thankful to the community of Pagans across the country that has supported our efforts.
The imagery for all of Paul’s work begins with ritual and meditation and is followed by extensive research. Paul feels the image is a gift from the Gods and has an etheric life of its own. He holds the image in his mind until he finds the appropriate material. Paul will stare for long periods of time into the material until he can see within the completed piece. Through this process the image and its life force is transferred into the wood or stone. Paul maintains that once the image solidifies in the wood, the carving is quick and easy. The first day is the most exciting for him because everything is potential. His heart pumps with excitement and the thrill of sinking his chisels into wood.”

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Review Now! Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

All of the cards

The theme to this deck is purple. I find that these cards give comforting answers to my daily questions. The comforting theme of these cards help to inspire you and make your day a little brighter.

The Deck:

The look of one of the oracle cards

This 44- deck of oracle cards are great to use on a daily basis. These cards have a beautiful picture of an angel on each card along with a inspiring message from the angels. Each card has its own theme so the message relates to the theme of the card. This deck also includes a helpful guide book to get more in-depth with your daily message.

Using the Guide Book:

The guide book contains a lot of information, below is what is listed in the book index;

  • “How to work the daily guidance from your angels oracle cards
  • The meanings of the cards
  • Acceptance
  • Ask
  • Assertiveness
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Blessing in disguise
  • Change in direction
  • Child
  • Cleanse & Detoxify
  • Creative project
  • Cupid
  • Daydream
  • Energy work
  • Entrepreneur
  • Family
  • Focus on service
  • Fresh air
  • Giving & receiving
  • Go for it!
  • Ground yourself
  • Have confidence
  • Heart chakra
  • Innocence
  • Joy
  • Law of attraction
  • Let your past go
  • Life purpose
  • Listen
  • New partner
  • Notice the signs
  • The Ocean
  • Opportunity to forgive
  • Perfect timing
  • Play
  • Relationship
  • Release & surrender
  • Reward yourself
  • See only love
  • Shower of abundance
  • Steady progress
  • There’s nothing to worry about
  • Time to go
  • Trustworthy guidance
  • Wedding
  • What do you desire?
  • Art work ordering information
  • About the author…”

This book gives you more in-depth information about the cards you picked for your day or question. I like to use a simple question when picking my card such as “What card do I need for today?”. This book gives you additional meanings to your card and how it can relate to your life and situation. The guide book is very helpful for anyone who wants to know more about the card they have chosen for the day.

Using the cards:

These cards are very sturdy and durable. They are standard Doreen Virtue size cards with glossy coating to enable you to shuffle the cards easier. When getting a card that you do not understand how this could relate to your situation I recommend that you meditate on the card for awhile and see how this card can relate. Which ever card you draw it is the card you need some how or another it has a meaning and a message for you. These cards have beautiful scenery of angels relating to the theme of the card you picked and at the bottom of the card is a short statement to explain your card. (For more information go to the guide book). I rarely use the guide book because the theme on the bottom tends to explain enough for me. I recommend these for a daily use of inspiration.

Personal Opinion:

The back of the oracle card

Personally, I love these cards as they have such inspirational meanings. I like to shuffle and lay them out and pick the card that feels right for me and then keep it at my desk all day long. These wouldn’t be good for anything bigger than a three card spread but for anything less they tend to work perfect. I love the artwork on these cards. The messages are strong and the details are beautiful. All together these cards are great to use for beginners and anyone who does readings daily.

About the Author:

Doreen virtue

Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. Doreen is the author of more than 50 books about angels and other mind-body-spirit issues, including the best-selling Healing with the Angels and Messages from Your Angels books and angel oracle cards.

Doreen, who holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, was the founder and former director of WomanKind Psychiatric Hospital at Cumberland Hall Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. She was also an administrator at Woodside Women’s Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both all-women psychiatric hospitals specialized in treating women’s psychological issues. Doreen also directed three outpatient psychiatric centers, including an adolescent drug and alcohol abuse center. To find out more check out Doreen Virtues website

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Review now! Crystal Bible

Crystal Bible pictureDescription:
The Crystal Bible is a dictionary of crystals. This book gives you information on the shapes, sizes, colors, and properties of gemstones in an easy to use format that anyone can read and understand. The Crystal Bible is a very helpful handbook to anyone who works with crystals or anyone who wants to know more about crystals. This book gets into detail on over 200 crystals that can be researched in this book.

What’s Inside?:

Crystal Reference

Crystal Delights

Crystal Background

Crystal Formation

Crystal Decoration

Crystal Healing

Crystal Selection

Crystal Care

Crystal Meditation

Crystal Directory

Crystal Shapes

Quick Reference



Useful Information

Page count 400

I’m gonna post my favorite crystal to show you how the Crystal Bible reads so you have an idea on how it works.


Color: Dark Green

Appearance: Small, transparent, folded mass, often glossy

Rarity: Rare but readily available, although increasingly expensive as source is used up

Source: Czech republic, Germany, Moldova

Attributes: Moldavite is another of the stones for the New Age. It is a form of Tektite, said to have extraterrestrial origin, formed when a giant meteorite struck the earth. The heart of impact metamorphosed surrounding rocks, creating a ~strew field~ by flinging the resulting crystals over a vast area. Moldavite is therefore a fusion of extraterrestrial energies with mother earth. This is a rare stone. It is now found along the banks and river of Moldau and is unlikely to be found anywhere else in the world. The crystal will become extinct. Moldavite has been used since Stone age times as a talisman and amulet for good fortune and fertility. Many people believe it came to aid in earth’s transition and healing and that the time has come to use Moldavite’s energies wisely. It can greatly enhance the effect of other crystals, taking them to their highest vibration. Moldavite brings you into communication with the higher self and extraterrestrials. Moldavite has it’s own cosmic oversoul*, which  can put you in touch with the Ascended Masters* and cosmic messengers. Holding the stone up to the light and gazing at into it shifts your consciousness. This stone takes you into the highest spiritual dimensions and facilitates the ascension process. It needs to be grounded or else it can leave you spaced-out or rootless. Holding a pair of Bonji stones gently grounds after spiritual experiences with Moldavite, and the energies of clear Quartz stabilizes its effects. Moldavite has an extremely high vibration, which opens, clears blockages from, and aligns the chakras*. It integrates the Divine blueprint and accelerates spiritual growth. Moldavite resonates with the crown chakra, opening it to receive the highest spiritual guidance. Placed on the throat, Moldavite communicates interplanetary messages especially with regards of the state of the ecology of the earth and its need for healing. This is a stone that transcends time. Placed on the third eye*, Moldavite enables you to go forward into the future or back into the past. It facilitates journeys to other lives if this is appropriate. Rather than going back into the past to relive a life, expect to regain spiritual wisdom, or journey to the before -incarnation state to access purpose, Moldavite shows future potentials. Under the influence of Moldavite you can go forward to a future to see the results of actions taken in the present life, or to learn what is needed in the present life to prevent destruction in the future. Moldavite is a useful stone to sensitive people who find it difficult being in incarnation on the earth and cannot adjust to suffering and deep emotions. Many such people are star children* who have come to aid the earth in its time of transition to a new vibration. They are unused to heavy energies of earth and find it difficult to integrate the spiritual bodies into the physical, and need to ground. Moldavite, used in conjunction with grounding stones such as Hematite and Smoky Quartz, aid this process on the heart. Moldavite eases `homesickness` for those who origin is not Earth. Moldavite has no crystalline structure and so it takes you way beyond your limits and boundaries. Psychologically, it assists in developing detachment from mundane, earthbound security issues such ass money and worries for the future. Moldavite provides an overview of reasons for incarnating and connects your spiritual purpose, integrating this into earthly life. It supports qualities such as empathy and compassion. At a mental level, Moldavite in unconventional and inspiring, bringing the unexpected solutions forward. It can awaken latent memories and access spiritual information through the intellect. It releases fixed ideas and archaic belief systems and can neutralize hypnotic commends*. Physically, holding Moldavite may trigger a huge rush of energy through the body that has powerful metaphysical effects it `downloads` information from the Akashic Records* and the light body, which then has to be processed and made conscious. This process may take some time but the process accelerates spiritual growth and the rising of personal vibrations.

Healing: Rather than helping individual conditions, Moldavite makes one aware of the cause and source of dis-ease* and then supports the releasing and healing process. It also brings the gift contained within the illness to your attention. Moldavite can be used as a tool for diagnosis. People who dislike its deep green color often have an aversion to emotion and need to experience unconditional love and wholeness. They may also have hidden emotional trauma that needs to surface and heal, for which other crystals are required.

Position:Place on the forehead, throat or crown . Note: Moldavite is fragile and should not be cleaned with salt water as it scratched the surface”

About the Author:
A karmic astrologer, regression therapist and crystal worker, Judy Hall has over 40 years’ experience in crystal healing and is the author of the bestselling titles The Illustrated Guide to Crystals, The Crystal User’s Handbook, Crystal Healing, The New Crystals, The Encyclopedia of Crystals and The Crystal Bible. Location: Dorset, UK.
Judy Hall is a successful Mind-Body-Spirit author with over 45 MBS books to her credit including the million selling Crystal Bible (volumes 1 and 2) and a time-slip novel Torn Clouds set in ancient Egypt and the present day. Volume 3 of The Crystal Bible was published in 2013. She appeared on the Watkins Review of the one hundred most spiritually influential authors this century. A natural psychic, she has been a past life therapist, crystal worker and karmic astrologer for 40 years. She runs creative writing, crystal and past life workshops at her home in Dorset. Her are past  specialties life readings and regression; soul healing, reincarnation, astrology and psychology, divination and crystal lore. An internationally known author, psychic, healer, broadcaster and workshop leader, her books have been translated into sixteen languages. A trained healer and counselor, Judy has been psychic all her life and has a wide experience of many systems of divination and natural healing methods. Judy has a B.Ed in Religious Studies with an extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology and an M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University. Her mentor was Christine Hartley (Dion Fortune’s metaphysical colleague and literary agent). 

My Personal Opinion:
Personally I love the Crystal Bible, its great to have around if you use crystals a lot like me. I find it helps me to know what my crystals do rather than having to guess or look them up online. I find this book really reliable, I love the easy to read format. I love how in-depth it gets into the meaning of the crystals. This is the best book I’ve found so far. I find the amount of information it gives is just enough so you know what you have in your hands, but not too much that you get lost in what you are reading.

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Review Now! Life Application Study Bible

The Life Application Study Bible is a great in-depth Bible to use while studying the word. The personal size allows you to carry it easily with you where ever you go. The study notes are very useful to people who enjoy in-depth Bible study.

About the Binding & Cover:

This edition of Life Application Study Bible is made with imitation leather, with a sewn binding. The imitation leather used for this Bible is flexible and durable. The way this Bible is sewn allows it to lay flat, so you can lay your Bible down and read. This Bible is also available in different colors, and with bonded leather and top grain leather. Weight: 2.98 lb

Size: 9.4 × 6 × 2.31 in

Bible laying flat with ribbon

What’s inside?

The text in this Bible is standard print, Red-letter edition with subject headings. Features to this Bible includes the following: Over 10,000 Application Notes, Over 100 Character Sketches ,Book Introductions, In-Text Maps, In-Text Charts And Diagrams, Dictionary-Concordance, Side Column Reference System, Subject Index To Notes, Charts, Maps and Profiles, Harmony Of The Gospels, 16 Pages Of Full Color Maps, 8 Page Presentation Section and Single Column Format. This addition has a pink ribbon place marker.

In the Front:


Complete old and new testament

The NIV cross reverence system


A Chronology of Bible events and world events

Why the Life Application Study Bible is unique

What is Application?

Features of the Life Application Study Bible

In the Back:

Table of weights and measures

A Christian workers resource

365- day reading plan key selections from the Bible

Master index

Index to charts and maps

Index to personality profiles


16 pages of full colored maps

About this Translation

I’ve found the best source of information about the NIV Bible was in the preface of this Bible.

The goal of the NIV is to enable English-speaking people from around the world to read and hear God’s eternal word in their own language. Our work as translators is motivated by our conviction that the Bible is God’s word in written form. We believe that the Bible contains the divine answer to the deepest needs of humanity, sheds unique light on our path in a dark world and sets forth the way to our eternal well-being. Out of these deep convictions, we have sought to recreate as far as possible the accessibility for millions of English speakers around the world. We have prioritized accuracy, clarity and literary quality with the goal of creating a translation suitable for public and privet reading, evangelism, teaching, preaching, memorizing, and liturgical use. We also have sought to preserve a measure of continuity with the long tradition of translating the Scriptures into English.” (Quoted from the preface of this Bible.)

Bible in box

My Personal Opinion:

Personally I love the layout of this Bible and the way it lays flat. I find the study notes in this Bible very interesting, and very helpful for anyone who wants to get in-depth while studying the Bible. The size of this Bible makes it very easy to carry with you to church,work,school, or where ever you may like to carry it. I find the NIV Bible is a great translation to use when trying to study the Bible, because it is much easier to read and understand. I highly recommend this Bible to anyone who loves reading God’s word.

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