Review Now! Pray the Scriptures Bible


Pray the Scriptures Bible is a great Bible for those of you who enjoy scripture based prayers. This Bible will make for an inspirational part of your day. Unlike most Bibles, this Bible has prayers that relate to the scriptures. Pray the Scriptures Bible makes a wonderful every day Bible, because it’s easy to read the God’s Word Translation which helps you to understand the passages that you read. This Bible features prayers on each page that will add to your daily devotional practice. All in all this Bible is ideal for those who want to grow closer to God.


What’s inside?


This Bible features,

  • More than 4,500 new Scripture-specific prayers
  • Alphabetical listings of Bible books
  • Introduction
  • How to use this Bible
  • About God’s word translation
  • Topical prayer guide
  • Prayers in the scriptures
  • Contributions


About this Translation

God’s Word Translation (GW), produced by God’s Word to the Nations Mission Society, fills a need that gas remained unmet by English Bibles: to translate the Bible from the Hebrew, Aramaic, and the Greek texts to their closest natural English equivalent. God’s Word consciously combines scholarly fidelity with natural English. Because it was translated by a committee of biblical scholars, God’s Word is an accurate, trustworthy translation. Because of the involvement of English reviewers at every stage of the translation process, God’s Word reads like contemporary literature” Quoted from the About God’s Word translation from the Bible.


Product Information:

This Bible features a Traditional hard back cover, with sewn binding for durability.

Dimensions: 8.50 X 5.75 X 2.0 (inches).

Number of pages:1776.


My Personal Opinion:


Personally, I find this Bible very helpful for helping me to understand the scriptures more clearly. This is my first time reading the God’s Word Translation. I found this translation to be clear and easier to understand – I enjoyed reading it. The prayers in this Bible are very helpful, each prayer draws you closer to God. This aspect was my favorite feature of this Bible. I like the way each book of the Bible has an introduction to the book that gives you a little insight on what your about to read, which is great for new comers to reading the Bible. This Bible is very compact and easy to carry around with you where ever you may go. Personally I recommend this Bible to anyone who likes scripture based prayers.


Where to buy?




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