Review Now! Madison Avenue: Black Faux Leather Jewelry Box


This beautiful jewelry travel case comes in four colors: black, red, pink, and purple. It come in the size of 9”x6” x5” which is excellent for traveling. This jewelry box is very compact yet holds all your jewelry in its three sections, also featuring a key to lock and unlock your box.


About The Exterior:

This case is covered in Black Faux Leather, the quality of this Faux Leather is very nice, and is very durable. Faux Leather is a plastic fabric made to look like leather. It is lighter and less restrictive than real leather, and can be dyed any color. Each piece is skillfully sewn using good quality thread which adds to the durability of the case.

About The Interior:

box 3
The interior is lined with good quality velvet. This soft velvet lining protects your jewelry from getting scratched while travailing. Attached to the lid is a mirror.

The Lid:
The lid to this case opens straight up a and reveals a compartment that holds twelve earrings, nine padded rows for rings and a small compartment that has a piece of fabric that lifts up and revels a secret compartment so you can have stuff on both the top and the bottom. The mirror on the top is carefully crafted into the top with Faux Leather around it that gives it a sweet and elegant look.

The Middle compartment:

Below the top compartment is a deeper drawer to place your items, it features three different spaces to place your jewelry. This section is great, with two smaller sections and one larger section it’s ideal to fit your needs.

The Drawer Area:


This drawer is not as deep as the middle drawer but is much larger in width. There are no sections in this drawer, great for your bigger pieces of jewelry.

My Personal Opinion:

There are several reasons to why I like this jewelry box. Personally I like the way it has velvet lining to prevent scratches, and the way it opens with three different sections. The way this box has a lock is a wonderful feature, it secures your jewelry while travailing. I also enjoy the craftsmanship that is put into this box. I recommend this box to anyone who is looking for a travailing jewelry box.

Where to Buy:



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