Review Now! Large Bronze Crescent Raven Pentacle Pendant by Dryad Designs

bronze pendant

Dryad Designs has created a beautiful pendant, made of bronze featuring the crescent moon, pentacle, raven, and the triskele. This pendant is elegant and beautiful, great for all occasions and ages. Each symbol has a powerful meaning. Dryad Designs always puts meaning into their jewelry!


Quality and Craftsmanship:
This pendant is durable and will withstand everyday wear, great on any size chain. Made with high quality bronze, single sided,Measures 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm) in diameter. The craftsmanship that is put into making this item is great. All in all this pendant is wonderfully made.


Symbolic Meaning of the Crescent Moon:


The moon has many different symbolism. The moon is a symbol of rebirth. The crescent moon is a symbol of new beginnings; the moon goes from waxing crescent to whole, from whole to waning crescent and from waning crescent to dark – starting its cycle over again. The moon is also a symbol that Wiccans use to represent the three aspects of the Goddess the whole represents the mother aspect, the waxing crescent represents the maiden aspect and the waning crescent represents the crone aspect.



Symbolic Meaning of the Pentacle:


The pentacle, also known as the pentagram: The pentacle has five points, the top representing the spirit the other four representing the four elements; earth, air, fire, and water. The number five has always been regarded as mystical or magical. We commonly note the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. We have five stages to life; birth, childhood, adolescence, parenthood, and death. The number five is also associated with the planet Mars which signifies severity, conflict, and harmony through conflict. In Christianity five represents the five wounds of Christ on the cross. In the Muslim faith there are five pillars and five daily times of prayer. The pentacle has been believed to be a potent symbol of protection against evil, a symbol of conflict that shields the wearer and the home. The pentagram has five spiked wards and a womb shaped defensive, protective pentagon in the center.


Symbolic Meaning of the Raven:


There is no exact definition for any symbol; each symbol is open to interpretation and birds are no exception to this. Their symbolism can vary greatly depending on different cultures and religion. The Raven is generally thought to be a symbol of sadness, loss and death in most European countries. However, the Raven bird has a completely different symbolic meaning in other cultures; the ancient Greeks believed that the raven was a messenger bird of the god Apollo and the Inuit’s (Eskimo’s) have a creator god called the Raven Father. The Raven is large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail. They are scavengers and often feed off the eggs in other birds nests. Ravens are opportunistic feeders and will live near roads in order to feed off road kill and discarded food.”

This information was obtained at


Symbolic Meaning of the Triskele:


The triskele, or triple spiral, a symbol closely related to the triquetra, is a tripartite symbol composed of three interlocked spirals

The triple spiral is an ancient Celtic symbol related to the sun, afterlife and reincarnation. The example above comes from the Neolithic “tomb” at Newgrange, where it is supposed by some to be a symbol of pregnancy (the sun describes a spiral in its movements every three months; a triple spiral represents nine months), an idea reinforced by the womb like nature of the structure. The symbol also suggests reincarnation- it is drawn in one continuous line, suggesting a continuous movement of time.

Triskeles are one of the most common elements of Celtic art; they are found in a variety of styles in both ancient and modern Celtic art, especially in relation to depictions of the Mother Goddess. They also evoke the Celtic concept of the domains of material existence- earth, water, and sky, and their interrelations.” This information has been obtained at


About Bronze:

Plain Bronze

An alloy of copper and tin. Copper, the supreme conductor, is a potent connecting agent. It is a significant conduit for uniting with the realms of romantic love, groundedness, balance communication and attracting health, wealth, and wish fulfillment. Tin balances, transforming setbacks to a positive energy. Combined, the effect is synergistic—the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Physical contact with this alloy brings physical, mental and spiritual balance.


Artist Bio:


Our hope is to support and inspire earth based spirituality.”

Paul and Suzanne

We are devoted to the Pagan religion and see our work as revitalizing the presence of the Goddess in our society. For those who are not Pagan, our pieces often connect them with their spirituality, heritage or ancestors. Each of our pieces are consecrated in circle and dedicated to the service of the divine. Several designs have a portion of their price donated to charitable organization, as our way of trying to give back. We are thankful to the community of Pagans across the country that has supported our efforts.
The imagery for all of Paul’s work begins with ritual and meditation and is followed by extensive research. Paul feels the image is a gift from the Gods and has an etheric life of its own. He holds the image in his mind until he finds the appropriate material. Paul will stare for long periods of time into the material until he can see within the completed piece. Through this process the image and its life force is transferred into the wood or stone. Paul maintains that once the image solidifies in the wood, the carving is quick and easy. The first day is the most exciting for him because everything is potential. His heart pumps with excitement and the thrill of sinking his chisels into wood.
This information has been obtained at their website

Personal Opinion:

This pendant has so much symbolism in it which is why I love it! I like jewelry that has symbolism in it and this piece has more than one! The crescent moon, pentacle, raven, and triskele. The triskele is hidden more than the other symbols though, and that’s what makes it unique and beautiful. If you look closely at the wings of the raven you will see the triskele. Dyad designs is an amazing place to get jewelry, it’s by far one of my favorite shops! The raven has always fascinated me, with how mysterious it is and the symbolism to it. I recommend this pendant to anyone who enjoys jewelry with symbolism.


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Review Now! Sterling Silver Turquoise Tree of Life Pendant



This handcrafted tree of life pendant, is beautifully and uniquely made with love, light and prayer. Each detail is amazingly perfect. Made with sterling silver wire and turquoise chips, this pendant is durable and great to wear on any size chain! A great gift for any occasion, and all ages.


Meaning of the Tree of Life:
tree of life photo

The Tree of Life in its various forms is recognized in all cultures as a symbol of immortality and eternal life. From ancient Chinese and Egyptian culture to Germanic paganism and Mesoamerica, it has been sought after throughout the ages. And, while depicted in many different contexts, the imagery across all cultures is essentially the same. Not to be confused with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the tree of Life is the tree whose fruit gives eternal life to all who might obtain it. In addition to its religious references, it is a reminder of our past (roots – ancestry), present (tree body – knots included) and future (fruit – labor and posterity).

The Assyrian Tree of Life was represented by a series of nodes and criss-crossing lines and was an important religious symbol, attended to by eagle-headed gods and priests, or the king himself. In Chinese mythology, a carving of the Tree of Life depicts a phoenix and a dragon – the dragon representing immortality. There is also a Taoist story of a tree that produces a peach every three thousand years; the person who eats the fruit receives immortality.

In Egyptian mythology, Isis and Osiris are the first couple, said to have emerged from the acacia tree of Saosis, which the Egyptians considered the Tree of Life. The Egyptians Holy Sycamore also stood on the threshold of life and death, connecting the two worlds. In Norse religion, the Tree of Life appears as Yggdrasil, a massive yew or ash surrounded by extensive lore. Other examples include Thor’s Oak and the sacred tree at Uppsala.

The Hebrew Bible reference theTree of Life in the Book of Genesis, in which the fruit of the tree give Adam and Eve Eternal Life. It is important to distinguish between this, the Tree of Life, which fruit they were allowed to “freely eat” and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which was forbidden. Once they had partaken of the forbidden fruit, God set angels and a flaming sword “to guard the way of the Tree of Life, lest Adam should stretch forth his hand and partake of the fruit thereof and live forever in his sins”.

The Book of Mormon gives a detailed account of the prophet Lehi’s dream, in which the Tree of Life is a manifestation of God’s love for all mankind. The fruit of the tree represents Immortality and Eternal Life, which Lehi desires for himself and for his family, and the account explains the difficulties and rewards associated in obtaining it. Depictions of world trees are also found in Mesoamerican cultures, including the Maya, Aztec, Izapan, Mixtec, Olmec and others, relating to calendars, seasons and a representation of the Milky Way.” This information was obtained at



About Turquoise:


Turquoise is a stone for the astrological signs Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Turquoise is for the throat and third eye chakra.


Healing Qualities;

protects travelers (whether your journey is local or across the world) and property, and keeps you safe from accidents. Good for creative expression, courage, communication, wisdom, compassion, romance, love, and friendship. Helps public speaking and writing. Gets rid of pollution. Allows you to see the beauty in everything.



A multi-purpose healer for the body. Good for the muscles, circulation, lungs, throat, and the absorption of nutrients. Helps general malaise, arthritis, rheumatism, skeletal pain, such as backache, flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, breathing, tissue regeneration, weight gain, wind pains, headaches, whiplash, air sickness, cataracts, wounds, post-operative recovery, and stress related skin disorders (as an elixir). Aids detox. Alleviates the harmful effects of radiation.



Good for emotional balance, meditation (grounding peak experience), spirit contacts, all psychic ability, astral travel, spirituality, peace of mind, and yin/yang balance. Offers the mental and spiritual clarity to see your own path. Helps suspicious minds and negativity.

Mineral Class: Phosphates
Crystal System: Triclinic
Chemical Composition: CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O Hydrated Copper Aluminum Phosphate
Hardness: 5-6



About Sterling Sliver:


Silver is a metal associated with intuition, love, inner peace and protection. Symbolically silver relates to the moon and is often associated with the yin or feminine energies. For this reason it is thought to help overcome aggressiveness by bringing peace into one’s awareness. It is also said that silver acts as a “mirror to the soul”, allowing one to see deep within one’s self with absolutely no judgment.

Geological: Stone Type/Family: A member of the Gold Group, Elements Class Crystal System: Isometric Chemical Composition: Ag, Elemental silver Hardness: 2.5-3

Metaphysical: Primary Chakra: ALL Astrological sign(s): Cancer, Aquarius Vibration: Number 4

Fun Fact: Silver is used in jewelry, tableware, coins, scientific equipment and in photographic processes.

Quality and craftsmanship:

This pendant is very sturdy and sure to withstand everyday wear. The craftsmanship that was put into making this beautiful pendant is stunning. Handcrafted with love, light, and prayer this pendant is sure to stay close to your heart. Made with sterling silver wire and turquoise chips.


Artist Bio:

Bonita 1

Bonita Jordan, is an RN nurse and enjoys making jewelry as a hobby. When making jewelry Bonita puts love and light into each piece she makes. Being very spiritual in faith she prays while making each piece of jewelry. Prayer is a very important part of Bonita’s artwork and life. The power of prayer that Bonita puts into her jewelry, is felt while wearing it. The love and protection stays with you.



Personal Opinion:


The tree of life symbol has always been one of my favorites, and turquoise is one of my favorite gemstones, so when I found this pendant I fell in love! Each detail on this pendant is beautifully and uniquely perfect. Bonita does amazing work on all of her jewelry, personally I like the way she prays while making each of her items I can feel the energy and love that she puts into each piece. That is what makes her jewelry special. This pendant is great to wear on any size chain, and will withstand everyday wear. I highly recommend this pendant to anyone who likes the tree of life symbol.


Where to buy?

Here is where the item can be purchased.  

Here is Bonita’s shop.




Review Now! Chakra Oil Aromatherapy Set with Pure Essential Oils By Kokokahn



This set of seven Chakra oils helps to balance the Chakras. Handcrafted with unrefined organic ingredients and therapeutic essential oils. Each bottle is .5 FL. Oz. So small and great for travel or to store in a drawer. With these oils you don’t need much the sweet smell is strong and long lasting. Included with this set of oils is a card that tells you the ingredients and affirmations for each oil to help with mediation.


What is Aromatherapy?

aromatherapy 2

“Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process. It was the French perfumer and chemist, Rene- Maurice Gattefosse, who coined the term “aromatherapie” in 1937 with his publication of a book by that name. His book “Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy” contains early clinical findings for utilizing essential oils for a range of physiological ailments. It seems vital to understand what Gattefosse’s intention for coining the word was, as he clearly meant to distinguish the medicinal application of essential oils from their perfumery applications. So we can interpret his coining of the word “Aromatherapie” to mean the therapeutic application or the medicinal use of aromatic substances (essential oils) for holistic healing. As the practice of aromatherapy has progressed, over the years, it has adopted a more holistic approach encompassing the whole body, mind and spirit (energy). “Aromatherapy is… the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being.” Valerie Cooksley “Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.” Robert Tisserand “Aromatherapy can be defined as the controlled use of essential oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.” Gabriel Mojay “Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It is an art and science which seeks to explore the physiological, psychological and spiritual realm of the individual’s response to aromatic extracts as well as to observe and enhance the individual’s innate healing process. As a holistic practice, Aromatherapy is both a preventative approach as well as an active method to employ during acute and chronic stages of illness or ‘dis’-ease. It is a natural, non-invasive modality designed to affect the whole person not just the symptom or disease and to assist the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself by the correct use of essential oils.” Jade Shutes” This information was found at


How to use these oils:

Kokokahn Chakra Balancing Oils

Apply these oils to the chakra, wrist, and or under the nose during mediation or to assist the chakra during the day or before bed. You can add a small amount to a warm bath. These oils can be used during massage as well.


What are Chakras?


The word ‘chakra’ is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’; but perhaps even a better translation would be spinning wheel. If you could see chakras (as many of us whom work with them do) you would be able to see each primary chakra as a spinning vortex or wheel of energy; spinning inward from the front of your body towards the center point of that chakra on the kunilini and then spinning outward from that same point from your back. The chakras start at the base of the spine and go up through the head on the kunilini which is located almost on your spinal column. The kunilini is shaped like a staff and many have mentioned that the Twenty-third Psalm of The Bible is speaking of the kunilini. Almost all religions believe in the spiritual and energy power points within the human body and these power points are called chakras. This information was found at


What is chakra balancing?

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing”, like many terms in energy healing, does not have a standardized definition. It is a term which is used very loosely to indicate a procedure that increases the healthy flow of energy through the chakras and therefore through the entire energy field. A healthier flow of energy through the aura creates greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.” This information was found at


Ingredients and What They Do:


Root Chakra Oil

Vetiver: Grounds and protects, assists in connecting with Earth’s energies.

Frankincense: Supports focused attention and quiets the mind.

Sandalwood: Supports meditation and reducing irritation and anger.


Sacral Chakra Oil

Peppermint: Stimulates new ideas and creativity.

Ylang Ylang: Promotes sensual awakening.

Patchouli: Supports connecting with one’s sensual nature.


Solar Plexus Chakra Oil

Sweet Basil: Energetic protection, strengthens self confidence.

Geranium: Protects from disturbing energy.

Elemi: Protects from negative energy, supports reducing fear and motivating change.


Heart Chakra Oil

Neroli: Calms and soothes the heart.

Rose: Soothes and heals the heart.

Ylang Ylang: Encouraging joy and happiness

Jasmine: Helps balance the upper and lower Chakra


Throat Chakra Oil

Bergamot: Supports the release of repressed emotion.

German Chamomile: Soothes and strengthens allowing you to communicate the truth without anger or bitterness.

Lemon: Promotes a sense of opening.


Third Eye Chakra Oil

Sandalwood: Brings us back to ourselves.

Helichrysum: Encourages intuition and creative dreaming.

Cypress: Purifies and cleanses psychically.


Crown Chakra Oil

Elemi: Enhances visualization and feelings of deep peacefulness.

Frankincense: Encourages peace and spirituality

Lavender: Stimulates consciousness and spirituality.


Personal Opinion:

heart chkara

Personally, I like these oils they are great to use when doing massage. The smell is calming and relaxing, and lasts a long time. The essential oils used in making theses chakra oils is amazing, the smells blend so well together. The sweet smell of the heart chakra oil is one of my favorite, while smelling the oil during meditation I can feel my heart chakra begin to balance. What an amazing feeling! I highly recommend these oils to anyone who does aromatherapy,massage therapy, crystal healing, or any type of holistic form of healing.


Company Bio:


Here is the amazing story of the fonder

What is aromatherapy and the “art” of essential oils and why did I decide to make it a thriving business for myself and my family?


Living in Japan 14 years ago, I was introduced to aromatherapy and essential oils from an Australian friend. Her stories of “natural healing”, not only intrigued me, but sparked something that resonated deeply within me and I fell in love with essential oils almost immediately. The idea of naturally benefiting my mind and body through the use of something growing naturally out of the Earth always felt right to me. So, I started slowly incorporating essential oils into my everyday life when routine health challenges started to appear. I tried eucalyptus for colds, tagetes for my feet after ballet class and lavender for stress… and surprise surprise, I was actually seeing positive results.Bali Orchid


One of my biggest challenges living in Japan was finding skin care products that worked for me. I tried several different Japanese skin care products and my skin kept feeling dry. Then it dawned on me, Japanese people tend to have oily skin and I have dry skin, no wonder I couldn’t find any skin care products to work for me. After this aha! moment, I thought, why not make my own! I still have my original journals detailing the recipes and formulations that I tested and learned about through trial and error. My skin felt amazing when I created different recipes incorporating essential oils, carrier oils and other base ingredients… it was magical! I was surprised and delighted over and over at how well the essential oils worked for my everyday health issues. From stress and achy feet to skin care I had a treasure trove of essential oils to help me feel better physically and emotionally. And the best part about it? It all came from plants and nature!


I spent the next 5 years learning anything and everything that I could get my hands on regarding essential oils and making products for myself, but, it was also becoming painfully obvious that it was time for me to leave Japan and head back home. On my journey back, I took a (rather life-changing) detour and stopped off in Bali. I spent one month traveling around the island and learning about their aromatherapy industry.


White HeronWhile I was there, a local Bali word, Kokokahn (actually spelled, kokokan), resonated with me deeply. It is the Balinese word for “white heron”, which are considered sacred and eternal in Balinese culture. These graceful birds are revered as spirits that flock to the trees in Petulu every night around 6pm. It was a fitting name for my beautiful new venture and Kokokahn was born! Well, almost. I still had some learning to do before officially launching my business.


When I returned to the United States in 2005, I was beyond excited to start my new business formally, but realized that I needed to brush up on industry knowledge, as well as learn about the science and chemistry of essential oils. So, I spent 4 years working in Spa Management for different companies, which allowed me to really dig deep into how to put together spa menus, aromatherapy products and different treatment protocols. It was a “Master’s Degree”, of sorts, in Aromatherapy and the “Business of Health and Beauty”.


During this time, I also earned my formal Aromatherapy Certification gaining the chemistry knowledge I so craved. It was only at this point that I finally felt ready to start sharing my knowledge and experience of essential oils and aromatherapy products with other people who were in search of natural alternatives to support their body, mind and spirit. And the rest is history, as they say…


Important to Note: ALL of the products that I formulate for Kokokahn are made with unrefined, organic ingredients and pure essential oils GC/MS tested to ensure therapeutic quality and purity. No parabens, dyes, sulfates or Bali Lotus Flowerphthalates are ever used in our products! Just pure, simple NATURE supporting you and me in our daily lives.


Enjoy and Namaste……Traci Dalrymple, Founder” Company Bio found


Where to buy?!/~/product/id=35613052




Review Now! Dragon Celtic Jewelry Box


This unique Dragon Celtic Jewelry Box is a great gift for any occasion. Beautifully detailed, with the symbolism of the dragon and the Celtic knots. Made of resin this box is sure to hold up, and with stand daily use. The craftsmanship that is put into this box is wonderful, each detail is perfect.


About the Exterior:

This box is made with resin that gives it a solid natural feel almost like stone. Engraved on the lid of this box is a dragon inside a circle and surrounded by Celtic knots, the Dara Celtic knot and the Trinity Knot. Surrounding the outside is the Dara knot with the Dragon engraved over the front and Back.


About the Interior:

The inside of this box is hard and smooth and has no lining or coating. There are two hinges that enables this box to open and a ribbon that holds the lid so it doesn’t fall backwards. The size if perferct for your favorite or special pieces of jewelry and personal items.


Symbolism of the Celtic Dragon:

Celtic Dragon

Celtic dragons are considered the most powerful of all Celtic symbols. In Celtic mythology dragons are used to symbolize power and wisdom among leaders. “The Path of the Dragon” was the Celtic term for ley lines. Ley lines are stretches of mystic power that criss-cross over the land. Dragons though deadly, and frighting represented the contribution of life and health. They were omens of good harvest, a year of plenty. The Druids were the ones who found the dragons and interpreted their meanings. The dragon represents the whole of creation, the Celts also represented the dragon with the elements. To the Celts the dragon was a creature of a parallel world and played an important roll in Celtic religion. Dragons were considered gatekeepers to other worlds and guardians of wealth. Dragons are also frequently found outside of churches to ward off evil.


Symbolism of the Celtic knot:



The Celtic knot symbol, is also referred to as the mystic knot, or the endless knot. This knot is a symbol of beginnings and endings. When viewing these beautiful knots, we cannot see the beginning or the end and reminded of the timeless nature our spirits. Celtic knots are endless paths to eternity and never endings this can be in love, faith, friendship, loyalty and so forth.A less spiritual representation also relates to the knots endless nature. Because of it’s never ending path the Celtic knot can represent an uninterrupted life cycle. Some may use this symbol as a charm of sorts when warding against sickness or setbacks that might interfere with an otherwise calm and stable life. These knots are often used as emblems, which can be found in jewelry, clothing, or home decor. In ancient times gifts adorned with mystic knots were given with wishes of longevity or luck with new endeavors.


Symbolism of Dara Celtic Knot:


The name Dara comes from the the word “dorie” which is the Irish word for “oak tree.” Oaks are considered sacred to the Celts, particularly the Druids who can translate the language of the trees into meaningful messages. The main symbolism of this knot is:

  • Power
  • Destiny
  • Wisdom
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Leadership


Symbolism of the Trinity Celtic knot:

trinity knot

To the ancient Celtic minds the Trinty knoty represents the lunar or solar phases moon. This conclusion is made as we see the Trinity in alongside other solar and lunar symbols. Validating this theory we know that the Celts honored the Great Mother, a lunar Goddess. The main symbolism of this knot is

  • Spirit, Mind, Body
  • Father, Son, Holy Ghost
  • Mother, Father, Child
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Power, Intellect, Love
  • Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
  • Thought, Feeling, Emotion
  • Mother, Maiden, Crone
  • Other world, Mortal world, Celestial world

The circle that is often around the Trinity symbolizes eternity and protection. Circles are often drawn around Celtic knots to symbolize spiritual unity with the Divine.


Product Details:

Product Length: 5.25 inches

Product Width: 3.75 inches

Product Height: 3.0 inches

Product Weight: 1.25 pounds

Package Length: 6.1 inches

Package Width: 4.3 inches

Package Height: 3.9 inches

Package Weight: 1.5 pounds


My Personal Opinion:

Personally I like the symbolism of this box, Celtic knots have always interested me. This box is small so great for your favorite pieces of jewelry! There is one draw back to this box, the inside is hard and has no soft lining to prevent scratches. Other than that this box is wonderful to use. At an affordable price it makes a great gift for any occasion. This box is crafted with great craftsmanship, so the details of the knots and the dragons are stunning.


Where to Buy:




Review Now! The Crystal Healer


front page

This book is a wonderful book to have on hand if you have any interest in crystals and their properties. Inside you will find several different crystal prescriptions. Unlike most books this one is not in alphabetical order, it’s color coded so you can look at your crystal color and find it, that way you don’t have to know the name. A 144 page book that will help guide you to knowing the properties of your crystals and how to use them in healing practices. In this book you will find more than 250 remedies for common aliments, and a dictionary of more than 250 crystals arranged in by color.



What’s Inside:


  • Introducing Crystals
  • Chapter One:
  • Choosing and working with a pendulum
  • Cleansing crystals
  • Preparing your space
  • Chapter Two:
  • Crystal meditation
  • Crystal elixirs
  • Working on your chakras
  • Crystals in your environment
  • Chapter Three:
  • Find your crystal by color:
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Rainbow
  • Multicolored
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • White/Clear
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Chapter Four:
  • Remedies for physical aliments
  • Remedies for emotional aliments
  • Remedies for spiritual enhancement
  • Remedies for lifestyle enhancement
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Acknowledgments

What Is Crystal Healing:


Crystal healing or crystal therapy has been around for ages. By drawing on the energies of crystals such as clear quartz and amethyst, you can balance the energy field of a home, body, and office. Crystals can help soothe emotional problems such as anxiety, mood swings, anger, PTSD, and more. Crystals can help ease physical problems such as headaches, nausea, nerve damage, and more. Crystals act as natural energy amplifiers that aid and clean our system. You can use crystal grids to help ease pain, stress, and so forth. Crystal healing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the doctor but it’s a way to manage the pain or emotional/mental problem you may be suffering from. Crystal healing is a wonderful and natural way to heal as each crystal has a special property that can be used in healing. One of my favorite crystals to use is amethyst, one of the things it’s good for is headaches.


About the Author:

Philip Permutt

Biography: Philip Permutt
Philip Permutt author The Crystal Healer, crystal and meditation teacher and Reiki Master.

Philip Permutt
Philip is a crystal healer and teacher. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed best selling books The Crystal Healer, The Little Book of Crystal Tips & Cures and The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing (all published by Ryland, Peters & Small/Cico Books). His latest book The Crystal Tarot has recently been published (2010). He has recorded Crystal Workshop and The Little Crystal Meditation Album CDs (Paradise Music).

Since “discovering” meditation on an extended trip to the Far East in the late 1970’s, Philip has practised and researched many types of meditation from different cultures around the world. He has studied various healing and belief systems leading to a unique eclectic practice of his own. He teaches crystal healing, Reiki and meditation. He devised The Little Meditation Album Series and has recorded The Little Meditation Album, The Little Chakra Meditation Album, Little Crystal Meditation Album, The Little Reiki Meditation Album, The Little Sleep Meditation Album and Meditation Workshop and his new CD Meditation Nights – Angels of the Rainbow Waterfall (Paradise Music).

He works closely with the best selling new age musician and Paradise Music producer, Llewellyn, as Executive Producer (a very grand title!) on albums such as Music for Reiki Attunement. This role has seen him working on Magick Workshop, Aura Workshop, Colour Workshop and Protection Workshop CDs with the internationally acclaimed author and personality, Cassandra Eason and Llewellyn. He has also produced Cassandra Eason’s Chronicles of Magick; a unique 7 CD series comprising a full course on magick.

Philip is a Reiki Master and has recorded Reiki Workshop (Paradise Music). He has practised and taught many healing techniques including: Reiki, crystal healing, Taoist healing, Shamanic healing, past-life regression and soul retrieval and he is also a psychic and medium, working loosely with his spirit guides. He has run courses and workshops on many of these subjects.

Philip has lectured at the University of Hertfordshire on crystals and crystal healing for the ‘Complementary Therapy for Nurses and Medical Professionals’ course. Philip also has an honours degree in Applied Biology from London University.

Philip writes Phil’s Crystal Clinic a monthly column for Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune magazine and his articles have been published in many Magazines, electronically and in journals. He has written booklets for several of Paradise Music’s CD releases and has compiled and published The Dawning (magazine) for which he has written articles and columns.

Through his website at The Crystal Healer, he also runs a successful retail and wholesale business importing crystals from around the world.

Philip lives in Hertfordshire, UK with his wife Lyn.”

Information found ,

Personal Opinion:

green page

This book is by far one of my favorite books that I own. I love the fact that the stones are arranged by color, it makes it much easier to find the stone you are looking for. I have learned a great deal about crystals while reading this book, which stones are used for what illness. The way this book is broken down into an easy to read format is very handy, great for crystal healers. I recommended this book to crystal healers and anyone who wants to learn more about crystals.


Where to Buy:

Blue page