Review Now! The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional

hearing his voice

Inside this one year devotional you will find that listening to God is a process. You will learn that you have to be patient when waiting to hear from God. God has a plan for you and he wants to talk to you, all you have to do is listen to Him.

Whats inside:

This devotional is designed to read over a year. Made with the intent of quick and easy study, short one page devotions that allow you to read them any time day or night. If you happen to skip a day that’s okay just pick it up on any day. Inside you will find each day from January 1st to December 31st .

At the beginning of each devotion you will find that a Bible verse or two is listed and the devotion will relate to that very verse. At the end of the devotion you will see a small prayer that relates to the devotion you have just read.

Personal Opinion:

Personally, I find this devotional very helpful, when I received it I read that day’s date, I was amazed at how simple yet powerful this devotional is. This devotional has showed me that God speaks to us on a daily basis all I have to do is be patient and listen. I would give this devotional a five of five stars, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a devotional to read each day for a year.

About the Author:

Chris Tiegreen

“Chris Tigreen is the author of more than forty books, including The One Year Walk With God Devotional, The One Year At His Feet Devotional, 365 Pocket Devotions, 90 Days Thru The Bible, and Unburdened. In addition, he has been a collaborative writer on more than a dozen book projects. He has also written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, ranging from cultural commentary to inspirational devotionals to features on ministry and international missions. Chris is a seasoned photojournalist, a student of languages, a dabbler in art, an occasional pianist, a rabid-yet-reasonable college football fan, and a zealous traveler. He especially loves beaches and third – world adventures. In addition to writing and doing photography for periodicals and books, he has been a pastor, a missionary, and a university instructor on global issues. He currently works at Walk Thru the Bible serves at Daystar Atlanta church. He and his family live in Atlanta. To learn more visit” Quoted from the back of this devotional.

Where to Buy:

I received this Devotional from Tyndale Blog Network, in exchange for an honest review. (All opinions are my own.)


Review Now! College Devotional Bible


The NIV College Devotional Bible, has 222 Devotions that are geared for college students. These devotions take a unique storytelling approach. Under each devotional you will find 3 key questions that make you really think. This Bible is designed for people with a busy schedule, short devotionals that take only about 5 minutes to read.

What’s inside:


  • 222 Devotions
  • Quick- Start Guide
  • Subject Index
  • Blank Paper for Note Taking

Readings plans that include the following

  • One Year Through the Bible
  • 60 Day Overview of the Bible
  • 30 Days for Beginning Your Walk With Christ
  • 30 Days with Jesus
  • 30 Days In Psalms
  • 30 Days In Proverbs
  • 20 Not – So – Famous Bible Stories
  • 30 Days with Paul
  • 30 Days of Promises
  • 30 Days of Leadership
  • 30 Days of Prayer
  • 30 Days of Knowing God
  • 30 Stories of Great Faith

About The Cover and Binding:


This Bible is a hardcover, so it’s sure to hold up with everyday use. The binding is sewn, so the pages are sure to say inside. This Bible is nice quality, and great for everyday use.

Personal Opinion:


I had expected this Bible to be different than what it was, I had expected a Bible with devotions that relate to students and things of that sort. This Bible uses storytelling format which is much different than what I had expected. I love how in the back of this Bible it has several readings plans. One of my favorite reading plans is the 20 Not – So – Famous Bible Stories, its so amazing to be able to recognize the not so famous Bible stories. To me this Bible is more of a study Bible rather than a devotional Bible. I would give this Bible four out of five stars. I recommend this Bible to anyone who is in college or anyone who has a busy schedule and wants short devotionals in their Bible.

Where to Buy:

I received this Bible from Book Look Bloggers In exchange for an honest review (All opinions are my own!)

Review Now! Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-based, Yet Practical Guide

Cover of crystal grids

This book is all about crystal grids, not just how to set one up but the actual science behind why and how they work. Hibiscus Moon covers so many topics in this amazing book. The fact that she gets into the science of how things work amazes me. This book has three parts the “What” the “Why” and the “How” so much information is covered in this slim book.

What’s Inside:

Part 1:”What “of Crystal Grids

  • Introductions

  • What is a Crystal Grid?

  • Crop Grids

  • Energy Field of a Grid

Part 2: The “Why” of Crystal Grids

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Mother Earth’s Grid

  • Tapping into Source Energy

Part3: The “How” of Crystal Grids

  • Intention Settings

  • Grid Formations

  • Grid Components

  • How to Choose Crystals for Your Grid

  • Activating and Maintaining Your Grid

  • Charging Objects in a Grid

  • Step by Step

  • Crystal Grid How To

  • Practical Grid Recipes

Resources and references

About the Author:


“Hi! I’m Hibiscus Moon & I absolutely adore teaching & working with crystals! I’ve learned to channel my inner-geek then merge it with my serious obsession with crystals & stones that I LOVE to share with my crystal healer students & clients, bringing my unique perspective to the world of crystal healing & having the time of my life doing so. I’m CRAZY-passionate about my sacred crystal biz here & get a buzz from the excitement my students express when they have that major “A-HA!” moment regarding crystals & what they’re capable of.

I’ve loved crystal beauty all of my life but as an adult I began seriously exploring the spiritual & metaphysical facets of working with them as a healing tool. After several years of research & practice I began teaching others about Mother Earth’s natural gifts. Yays! As a a Discovery Channel STAR Discovery Educator & National Board Certified Professional Science teacher as well as former Science Department Chair with a Master’s of Science (merging Geology with Curriculum, Instruction & Technology) ooooh, boring, I know!; I deliver the science behind the metaphysical aspects of working with crystals while still serving up the FUN!” ~ Hibiscus Moon

Personal Opinion:



Personally, I love this book! It has helped me to understand how crystal grids work, which so amazes me! I never realized how much science was involved in crystals. Now that I am taking the Hibiscus Moon certified crystal healing course this book is coming in handy! This book covers so much information, that will sure to help you understand how and why crystal grids work. Full of science but not to much that is overwhelming. I am a huge science geek so I loved every bit of science that was in this book. Hibiscus Moon likes to use facts and science to back up everything she teaches (which is amazing)! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is new to crystal grids, or someone that just wants an insight on the science side of things.

Where to Buy: