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Cover photo The New American Herbal

As someone looking to learn more about herbs finding this book was a blessing! The New American Herbal is a very in depth book on herbs. This book will tell you how to grow herbs, how to cook them into a meal, what medicinal properties they may have, if they are safe or unsafe to use, and a little about the history of the herbs. All in all this book is an amazing guide. I believe anyone who works with herbs should have it.

What’s Inside:


Inside you will find that The New American Herbal is not only a guide to herbs but it is also a type of gardening book, a recipe book, and a holistic healing property book. Amazingly enough you will learn how to grow herbs and cook with them as well. You will learn the history behind the herbs and the culture they came from. If you are into holistic healing with herbs and essential oils, you will be pleased to know that is also included in this amazing book on herbs by Stephen Orr. There are high quality photos of the herbs inside this book, so you can identify the herbs when you see them at the supermarket. The New American Herbal is a very organized book jam packed with tones of things to help you learn.

Table of Contents:

Fresh Lavender

  • Introduction
  • An Herbal Handbook

Herb Basics

  • Herbal Properties
  • Get to Know the Major Herb Families
  • What Gives Herbs Their Flavor?
  • Harvesting Herbs
  • Propagating Herbs
  • Herb-Drying Techniques

Herbal Preparation

  • Extraction Process
  • Working with Essential Oils

Garden Projects

  • A Hanging Herb Garden for a Small Space
  • Make a Tabletop Garden
  • How to Make an Herb Topiary

Kitchen Projects

  • Herbs for Vinegars and Oils
  • Herbal Beverages
  • Homemade Dried Spice Blends
  • Salad Herbs

Specialty Herbs

  • Native American Herbs
  • Chinese Medicinal Herbs
  • Teas and Shrubs Used as Herbs
  • Herbs from Older Traditions
  • Controversial Herbs
  • Tropical Herbs
  • Herbs A to Z

Personal Opinion:

How to cook the herbs

Personally, I enjoy this book a lot and I continually learn so many things about herbs that I never knew before! I love how The New American Herbal is not just about the history of herbs. To my delight this book teaches how to grow herbs, how to cook herbs, which herbs are safe to use, and the healing properties of herbs. As someone who believes very highly in holistic healing, I was very pleased to see holistic healing in this book. I can tell this book is going to get a lot of use! I have been interested in herbs since I was about 15 years old looking through books at the public library… The New American Herbal is by far the best book I’ve ever seen on herbs. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a guide to all things about herbs!

About the Author:

Stephen Orr

Stephen Orr is a writer and editor who shares his love of food, travel, gardening, and cooking in a wide range of media. He is currently the executive editor at Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Previously, he was an editorial director at Martha Stewart Living and a features editor at House & Garden and Domino magazines. In addition he has written for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications.
Orr has been a regularly featured expert on “The CBS Early Show,” “The Martha Stewart Show,” and “The Today Show.” In addition he was a segment producer for the PBS television series “Cultivating Life” and edited two cookbooks by British author Sarah Raven for Rizzoli. Because of his books, Orr is a featured speaker across the country for organizations such as The Garden Conservancy, The Garden Club of America, the Garden Writers Association, and a variety of national programs.
He is the author of three books: The New American Herbal (Clarkson Potter, September, 2014), Tomorrow’s Garden: Design and Inspiration for a New Age of Sustainable Gardening (Rodale, 2011), Nelson Byrd Woltz: Garden, Park, Community, Farm (Princeton Architectural Press, 2013) as the editor. Orr lives in New York City and the Catskills.
Instagrams: steporr / newamericanherbal Twitter: OrrSteporr / newamericanherbal Tumblr: newamericanherbal” Author Bio was found

Where to Buy:

Back of the book

I received this book from Blogging For Books, in exchange for an honest review. (All opinions are my own.)


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