Review Now! Journey To Jesus Building Christ-Centered Friendships With Muslims

Journey to Jesus

Journey To Jesus Building Christ-Center Friendships With Muslims is a 6 session DVD curriculum, that shows Christians how to share our faith with Muslims. In this day and age we come into contact with people of different faiths on a daily basis, this curriculum will teach you how to build friendships and share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. Jam packed with tons of information on how to share your faith with Muslims, this DVD curriculum is great for small group studies!

Whats Inside:

  • Session 1 and 2

Saalima is new to the neighborhood. She meets another young mom, Kate, and they become friends. The first two sessions of Journey To Jesus explore our attitudes towards people of different faiths and the ways we can extend Christ-centered hospitality to our Muslim neighbors.

  • Session 3 and 4

Coworkers Larry and Azim are lunchtime friends. Will conversations about faith bring them closer together or hinder their friendship? Session 3 and 4 will introduce you to Muslim beliefs and culture and will illustrate how you can use Muslim and Christian diversity to share your faith

  • Session 5 and 6

Two collage students, Bryan and Abdul have a class assignment to investigate the others worldview. Their meetings are strained as they delve into their deeply held beliefs. Session 5 and 6 will help you better understand how to share your faith with a devout Muslim friend.

This turkey resource includes six video dramatizations (one hour of video on two DVDs) and five video-based teaching slide show presentations, printable leaders guide, group handouts, and extra materials, and a promotional trailer.

What is this DVD about:

This 6 session DVD curriculum will help you to better understand how to share your faith with others. Designed to be used in small group study, this DVD gives information on approaches to world religions, Understanding the Muslim religion, Different types of Muslims, and much much more. This is a great study to do in your church, small group studies. Very informative teaching videos and dramatizations.

Watch A Preview Here:

Personal Opinion:

Personally, I enjoy this DVD curriculum I like the way it introduces Muslims to Jesus. They introduce Jesus to the Muslims in a small and simple way they never attack the Muslim religion and that was a major plus to me. The information given in this DVD is wonderful and I believe that everyone should watch this DVD. This would be a great addition to any church small group study, you will learn ways to share your faith with others. I believe that this DVD will help you to share your faith with other religions not just the Muslim faith. I give this DVD curriculum a five of five stars.

Where To Buy:

I received this curriculum from Tyndale Blog Network, in exchange for an honest review. (All opinions are my own.)


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