Review Now! The NKJV Study Bible Full-Color Edition

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The NKJV Study Bible Full-Color Edition will help you to dive deeper into God’s Word, using one of the most reliable translations the New King James Version, this Bible will ensure a wonderful study experience. Coming in double column format and center cross-reference notes and commentary The NKJV Study Bible Full-Color Edition is sure to make the Word of God more understandable and comprehensive. If you are a fan of the New King James Bible then this is the Bible for you!

Table of Contents:

Outline key eventsOutline

  • Forward
  • Editors Contributions
  • Special Abbreviations
  • Preface to the New King James Version
  • How to Understand What the Bible Means by What It Says
  • Books of the Old Testaments
  • Lists of Articles
  • Lists of Bible Times and Culture Notes
  • Lists of Charts and Graphs
  • Lists of In-Text Maps
  • Lists of Word Studies
  • The Old Testament
  • The New Testament
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Table of Monies, Weights, and Measures
  • Teachings and Illustrations of Christ
  • Prophecies of the Messiah Fulfilled in Christ
  • The Parables of Jesus Christ
  • The Miracles of Jesus Christ
  • Prayers of the Bible
  • Subject Index to Annotations and Features
  • Concordance
  • Map Index
  • Maps


Notes and book mark Maps

The NKJV Study Bible Full-Color Edition, has so may different features I will list each one here!

  • New King James Version: This study Bible is based on an outstanding translation for study purposes, the NKJV. The paragraph-style text, now in an attractive new typesetting, includes in-text subheadings with parallel passage reference. The complete NKJV translators footnotes are included in the center column.
  • Cross-Reference: In addition to the reference under many of the text subheadings, an extensive set of cross-references is included in the center column. These references are greatly expanded from those contained in the first edition and include helpful translation notes. Cross-references that are enclosed in square brackets identify passages similar in concept to the referenced passage in the text. The center column references and notes are indicated on the text by raised letters and numbers.
  • Prophetic Stars: Many cross-references include stars that designate messianic prophecies, An open star refers to a prediction, while a solid star points out the fulfillment of a prophecy related to the coming Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Annotations: The basic feature of this study Bible is its annotations. There are over 15,000 of them, providing a warm yet scholarly exposition of the biblical text. The annotations offer helpful explanations, theological insights, and suggestions for other places to direct your study. The style of the annotations is meant to heighten clarity through effective communication, using direct, natural language.
  • Book Introductions: Each book of the Bible begins with an introduction that offers helpful information concerning the background of the book, including authorship and other circumstances surrounding the books composition, and information concerning the teaching about Christ in each book. A detailed outline lists key features and show structure of the book.
  • Time Lines: Most book introductions are accompanied by a time line showing the estimated dates of key occurrences before, during, and after the period of the book. The time line helps you to establish the book’s historical context and its place in the unfolding of biblical events.
  • Articles: Over 100 long-format articles provide even more extensive coverage of key doctrinal topics then would be possible in a annotation. The articles enable closer study of important Christian doctrines and are useful as discussion starters.
  • Bible Times and Culture Notes: Included in the text are 150 notes focusing on various features of Bible times and culture, including such topics as Tents, Farming, Rainfall Patterns, Correspondence in Bible Times, and more.
  • Charts and Diagrams: Sometimes the best way to present information is in the form of a chart or diagram. More than 80 charts are distributed throughout the Bible, making such information available quickly and attractively
  • Word Studies: To provide access to important terms from original biblical languages we have included 350 word studies ( and their corresponding Strong’s numbers). Key Hebrew and Greek words are discussed with regards to the context in which they are used, and their meaning and biblical usage are explained. These studies have been revised from the first edition to make them more useful and pertinent.
  • In-Text Maps: Geographical understanding is aided by 69 strategically placed full-color maps. Journeys and regional activities are shown with clarity and cartographical accuracy, in proximity to the passage that mention them
  • General Maps: For general use we also include full-color Bible maps and a map index in the back of the Bible. When used in conjunction with the in-text maps, the general maps maximize your familiarity with the locations of the places named in Scripture.
  • How to Understand What the Bible Means by What It Stays: A helpful how-to article in the front section furnishes a methodology for Bible study. This article will prove useful to you time and again as you explore the word of God.
  • Teaching and Illustrations of Christ: This topical chart of Jesus’ teachings and illustrations supplies reference for easy location in the Gospels.
  • Prophecies of the Messiah Filled in Jesus Christ: This easy to-use chart quotes the Old Testament prophecy and the New Testament Fulfillment. A center column offers a key reference point
  • The Parables of Jesus Christ: This chart provides a list of Jesus’ parables and their Bible references in the Synoptic Gospels
  • The Miracles of Jesus Christ: This chart presents a list of Jesus’ miracles and their Bible references in all four Gospels.
  • Prayers of the Bible: This chart is organized alphabetically by the name of the person or group praying, the focus of the prayer, and the location of that prayer Scripture.
  • Subject Index to Annotations and Features: This is a thorough alphabetical subject index that details the contents of the features that supplement the biblical text.
  • Concordance: The subject index is followed by an extensive concordance, the biggest one Nelson has ever published in the back of an NKJV Bible. Its 195 pages list all of the important words, phrases, and proper names in the text of the NKJV.

About the Cover and Binding:


This particular review is for the Hardcover edition, so this Bible has a very sturdy hard cover. Once you take the paper dust cover off this Bible you will see a Brown marbled finished cover. Very professional looking. The binding is a sewn binding which means the pages are sewn right into the Bible rather then being glued in, this enables a more sturdy Bible. All in all The NKJV Study Bible Full-Color Edition is very sturdy and will uphold everyday use!

Personal Opinion:

Culture notesCulture

Personally, I love The NKJV Study Bible Full-Color Edition it has many study tools! It works great for at-home in-depth study into God’s Word! I love the pictures and maps that this Bible has, it really takes you into that place. The way it shows you how people back then lived, is a wonderful feature! A bulky Bible, but what do you expect for an in-depth study Bible! It comes in The New King James Version, so if you are looking for a NKJV study Bible then you will love this Bible! I think this Bible will become one I will use a lot in my at-home Bible study. I give this Bible a 5 of 5 stars, and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an in-depth study Bible.

Where to Buy:

Book intro

Sneak-Peek to This Bible:

Review Now! Journey To Jesus Building Christ-Centered Friendships With Muslims

Journey to Jesus

Journey To Jesus Building Christ-Center Friendships With Muslims is a 6 session DVD curriculum, that shows Christians how to share our faith with Muslims. In this day and age we come into contact with people of different faiths on a daily basis, this curriculum will teach you how to build friendships and share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. Jam packed with tons of information on how to share your faith with Muslims, this DVD curriculum is great for small group studies!

Whats Inside:

  • Session 1 and 2

Saalima is new to the neighborhood. She meets another young mom, Kate, and they become friends. The first two sessions of Journey To Jesus explore our attitudes towards people of different faiths and the ways we can extend Christ-centered hospitality to our Muslim neighbors.

  • Session 3 and 4

Coworkers Larry and Azim are lunchtime friends. Will conversations about faith bring them closer together or hinder their friendship? Session 3 and 4 will introduce you to Muslim beliefs and culture and will illustrate how you can use Muslim and Christian diversity to share your faith

  • Session 5 and 6

Two collage students, Bryan and Abdul have a class assignment to investigate the others worldview. Their meetings are strained as they delve into their deeply held beliefs. Session 5 and 6 will help you better understand how to share your faith with a devout Muslim friend.

This turkey resource includes six video dramatizations (one hour of video on two DVDs) and five video-based teaching slide show presentations, printable leaders guide, group handouts, and extra materials, and a promotional trailer.

What is this DVD about:

This 6 session DVD curriculum will help you to better understand how to share your faith with others. Designed to be used in small group study, this DVD gives information on approaches to world religions, Understanding the Muslim religion, Different types of Muslims, and much much more. This is a great study to do in your church, small group studies. Very informative teaching videos and dramatizations.

Watch A Preview Here:

Personal Opinion:

Personally, I enjoy this DVD curriculum I like the way it introduces Muslims to Jesus. They introduce Jesus to the Muslims in a small and simple way they never attack the Muslim religion and that was a major plus to me. The information given in this DVD is wonderful and I believe that everyone should watch this DVD. This would be a great addition to any church small group study, you will learn ways to share your faith with others. I believe that this DVD will help you to share your faith with other religions not just the Muslim faith. I give this DVD curriculum a five of five stars.

Where To Buy:

I received this curriculum from Tyndale Blog Network, in exchange for an honest review. (All opinions are my own.)

Review Now! KJV Standard Rainbow Study Bible, Pink/Brown LeatherTouch

Cover 2

This KJV Standard Rainbow Study Bible comes in a beautiful pink/brown imitation leather. The rainbow study Bible is great to use when studying God’s Word, it comes already highlighted. Inside you will see that this Bible uses double column format and has maps and illustrations and a color-code key bookmark.

About the Binding and Cover:


The KJV Standard Rainbow Study Bible has a sewn binding, which means the pages are sewn into the binding so the pages will not fall out. The pages in this Bible are reasonable thickness, not to thin but not to thick either. The pages are edged with gold. The binding is made of an imitation leather called Duo Tone, this particular Bible comes in pink and brown. It has a pretty embroider of a vine on the front of the brown part of the cover.

Pages- 1632

Size- 1.7 x 6.2 x 9.9 inches

Weight- 2.6 pounds

What’s inside:


  • Scriptural Promise
  • To the Reader
  • Words of Explanation
  • The Books of the Bible
  • Table of Contents for In- Text Maps, In- Text Illustrations and Back Maps
  • Color-Codes Guides
  • Example of Color-Coded Verses
  • The Old Testament
  • The New Testament
  • Supplemental Study Aids
  • Table of Weights and Measures
  • Ancient Version of Biblical Text
  • Know What God Says
  • 100 Popular Bible Passages
  • 365 Popular Bible Quotations for Memorization and Meditation
  • One-Year Daily Bible Reading Calender
  • Personal Daily Reading Calender
  • A Harmony of the Gospels
  • Words Which Have Changed in Meaning
  • Concordance
  • Index Maps
  • Bible Maps
  • Personal Study Notes

What Makes this Bible Unique:


The Standard Rainbow Bible may seem like an obvious title for the Bible of many colors but there are several significant reasons for this choice. First as our Scriptural Promise from the opening book of the Bible {Genesis 9:8-17} points out, the full-color rainbow is a gift from God and the seal of his covenant with mankind. In the closing book of the Bible {Revelations 4 :3}, a dazzling color encircles the very throne of God. The Standard Rainbow Bible has new study features including color-coding of every verse of the Bible and distinguishing all spoken Words of God (The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit).” Quoted from the inside of this Bible explaining why it has such a unique name. This Bible has Book introductions that breaks down the content of the Book

  • Author:
  • Date Written:
  • Time Span:
  • Title:
  • Background:
  • Where Written:
  • To Whom:
  • Content:
  • Key Words:
  • Themes:
  • Outline:

Color Coated System:


  • Purple: God; The Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, the Word of God, Savior, Lord, Messiah, I AM, Lamb of God, King of Kings, Alpha & Omega
  • Red: Discipleship; Obedience, praise, service, worship, Spiritual formation, commitment, fellowship,spiritual gifts, fruit
  • Green: Love; Joy, kindness, mercy, mourning, lament, comfort, compassion, peace,sympathy, humility,charity
  • Orange: Faith; Prayer, miracles, courage, confession, repentance, fasting, healing, hope, confidence, conviction, belief,
  • Black: Sin; Judgment of the ungodly, death, hell, curses, condemnation, temptation, unbelief, hatred, hypocrisy, apostasy
  • Brown: Evil; False teachers, idolatry, destruction of idols, demons, devil, serpent, evil spirits, false prophets, false worship, witchcraft, antichrist
  • Blue: Salvation; Blessings, deliverance, holiness, Heaven, the tabernacle, angels, eternity, resurrection, second coming, judgment of the godly, grace
  • Yellow: Family; Genealogies, marriage, sexual concerns, children, parenthood, home, adultery, fornication, divorce, friendships, relationships
  • Pink: Outreach; Teaching, counseling, questioning, instruction, testimony, ministry, preaching, evangelism, gospel, doctrine, sayings
  • Light Green: Commandments; Offerings, law, priesthood, feasts, sabbath, tithing, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, church, deacon, growth
  • Silver: History; Creation, war, times, places, journeys, narration, chronological, record of events, vocations, kings, earth, mankind
  • Gold: Prophecy; Promises, covenants, revelations, vows, visions, dreams, oaths, pledges, inspiration, future

Personal Opinion:

Maps and graphs

Personally, I find this Bible is an outstanding study tool. This is my first rainbow Bible, and I absolutely love it. I love the feel of this Bible, the imitation leather feels so soft and real. The bold line system that underlines the words of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is something I’ve never seen in any other Bible what a unique touch! Towards the back of the Bible you will find 100 popular Bible passages 50 from the old testament and 50 from the new testament. Also you will see 365 popular Bible quotations for memorization and meditation these are dated so you have one for each day for a year. I recommend this study Bible to anyone who wants and amazing study tool, it’s great for all ages. I give this Bible a 5 of 5 stars.

Where to Buy:


Review Now! NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women, Compact: Insights for Everyday Life

Bible Cover

The NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women, is a great Bible to keep by the nightstand or where ever you can get easy access to it. This Bible has 366 devotionals written by the Proverbs 31 Miniseries. A great Bible for women who want to grow closer to God.

About the Binding and Cover:


This NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women has a sewn binding, which means the pages are sewn into the Bible so the pages don’t fall out. The pages are thin yet durable, a little ghosting is visible, but not as much as you would think. The cover is made with Italian Duo-Tone imitation leather. The colors are Sea glass and Caribbean blue, this Bible also has a texture to it. The Sea glass color on the top is smooth with a very soft texture. The Caribbean blue on the bottom has a beautiful pattern and has a very textured feel to it.

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Size: 7.9 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches

Page Count:1536

What’s Inside:

unnamed (1)

  • The Full NIV Bible
  • 366 Daily Devotionals
  • Table of Weights and Measures
  • About the Authors
  • Index of Devotions by Authors
  • Topical Index
  • A silky blue ribbon page marker
  • Beautiful devotional pages

Personal Opinion:

unnamed (2)

Personally, I really enjoy this Bible. Being someone who loves teal and blue when I saw this Bible I was amazed! The devotions inside are amazing unlike any other I have found, I really enjoy reading them. They are not dated so you can pick up anywhere you want to. This is my first time really setting down and reading something by Proverbs 31 miniseries, and I have to say I am very impressed! The devotions cover things we all face, things we all struggle with as women. This Bible is very compact so easy to take with you to church and study groups, great to keep at your nightstand, or wherever you like to keep your Bible. I give this Bible a five of five stars and recommend The NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women to any women who are looking for a Bible that has devotions that relate to everyday life.

About the Authors:


The NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women, Compact: Insights for Everyday Life was written by several amazing women in Proverbs 31 miniseries. To learn more about these wonderful ladies of the Lord please visit this site

Where to Buy:


Review Now! The New American Herbal

Cover photo The New American Herbal

As someone looking to learn more about herbs finding this book was a blessing! The New American Herbal is a very in depth book on herbs. This book will tell you how to grow herbs, how to cook them into a meal, what medicinal properties they may have, if they are safe or unsafe to use, and a little about the history of the herbs. All in all this book is an amazing guide. I believe anyone who works with herbs should have it.

What’s Inside:


Inside you will find that The New American Herbal is not only a guide to herbs but it is also a type of gardening book, a recipe book, and a holistic healing property book. Amazingly enough you will learn how to grow herbs and cook with them as well. You will learn the history behind the herbs and the culture they came from. If you are into holistic healing with herbs and essential oils, you will be pleased to know that is also included in this amazing book on herbs by Stephen Orr. There are high quality photos of the herbs inside this book, so you can identify the herbs when you see them at the supermarket. The New American Herbal is a very organized book jam packed with tones of things to help you learn.

Table of Contents:

Fresh Lavender

  • Introduction
  • An Herbal Handbook

Herb Basics

  • Herbal Properties
  • Get to Know the Major Herb Families
  • What Gives Herbs Their Flavor?
  • Harvesting Herbs
  • Propagating Herbs
  • Herb-Drying Techniques

Herbal Preparation

  • Extraction Process
  • Working with Essential Oils

Garden Projects

  • A Hanging Herb Garden for a Small Space
  • Make a Tabletop Garden
  • How to Make an Herb Topiary

Kitchen Projects

  • Herbs for Vinegars and Oils
  • Herbal Beverages
  • Homemade Dried Spice Blends
  • Salad Herbs

Specialty Herbs

  • Native American Herbs
  • Chinese Medicinal Herbs
  • Teas and Shrubs Used as Herbs
  • Herbs from Older Traditions
  • Controversial Herbs
  • Tropical Herbs
  • Herbs A to Z

Personal Opinion:

How to cook the herbs

Personally, I enjoy this book a lot and I continually learn so many things about herbs that I never knew before! I love how The New American Herbal is not just about the history of herbs. To my delight this book teaches how to grow herbs, how to cook herbs, which herbs are safe to use, and the healing properties of herbs. As someone who believes very highly in holistic healing, I was very pleased to see holistic healing in this book. I can tell this book is going to get a lot of use! I have been interested in herbs since I was about 15 years old looking through books at the public library… The New American Herbal is by far the best book I’ve ever seen on herbs. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a guide to all things about herbs!

About the Author:

Stephen Orr

Stephen Orr is a writer and editor who shares his love of food, travel, gardening, and cooking in a wide range of media. He is currently the executive editor at Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Previously, he was an editorial director at Martha Stewart Living and a features editor at House & Garden and Domino magazines. In addition he has written for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications.
Orr has been a regularly featured expert on “The CBS Early Show,” “The Martha Stewart Show,” and “The Today Show.” In addition he was a segment producer for the PBS television series “Cultivating Life” and edited two cookbooks by British author Sarah Raven for Rizzoli. Because of his books, Orr is a featured speaker across the country for organizations such as The Garden Conservancy, The Garden Club of America, the Garden Writers Association, and a variety of national programs.
He is the author of three books: The New American Herbal (Clarkson Potter, September, 2014), Tomorrow’s Garden: Design and Inspiration for a New Age of Sustainable Gardening (Rodale, 2011), Nelson Byrd Woltz: Garden, Park, Community, Farm (Princeton Architectural Press, 2013) as the editor. Orr lives in New York City and the Catskills.
Instagrams: steporr / newamericanherbal Twitter: OrrSteporr / newamericanherbal Tumblr: newamericanherbal” Author Bio was found

Where to Buy:

Back of the book

I received this book from Blogging For Books, in exchange for an honest review. (All opinions are my own.)

Review Now! The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional

hearing his voice

Inside this one year devotional you will find that listening to God is a process. You will learn that you have to be patient when waiting to hear from God. God has a plan for you and he wants to talk to you, all you have to do is listen to Him.

Whats inside:

This devotional is designed to read over a year. Made with the intent of quick and easy study, short one page devotions that allow you to read them any time day or night. If you happen to skip a day that’s okay just pick it up on any day. Inside you will find each day from January 1st to December 31st .

At the beginning of each devotion you will find that a Bible verse or two is listed and the devotion will relate to that very verse. At the end of the devotion you will see a small prayer that relates to the devotion you have just read.

Personal Opinion:

Personally, I find this devotional very helpful, when I received it I read that day’s date, I was amazed at how simple yet powerful this devotional is. This devotional has showed me that God speaks to us on a daily basis all I have to do is be patient and listen. I would give this devotional a five of five stars, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a devotional to read each day for a year.

About the Author:

Chris Tiegreen

“Chris Tigreen is the author of more than forty books, including The One Year Walk With God Devotional, The One Year At His Feet Devotional, 365 Pocket Devotions, 90 Days Thru The Bible, and Unburdened. In addition, he has been a collaborative writer on more than a dozen book projects. He has also written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, ranging from cultural commentary to inspirational devotionals to features on ministry and international missions. Chris is a seasoned photojournalist, a student of languages, a dabbler in art, an occasional pianist, a rabid-yet-reasonable college football fan, and a zealous traveler. He especially loves beaches and third – world adventures. In addition to writing and doing photography for periodicals and books, he has been a pastor, a missionary, and a university instructor on global issues. He currently works at Walk Thru the Bible serves at Daystar Atlanta church. He and his family live in Atlanta. To learn more visit” Quoted from the back of this devotional.

Where to Buy:

I received this Devotional from Tyndale Blog Network, in exchange for an honest review. (All opinions are my own.)

Review Now! College Devotional Bible


The NIV College Devotional Bible, has 222 Devotions that are geared for college students. These devotions take a unique storytelling approach. Under each devotional you will find 3 key questions that make you really think. This Bible is designed for people with a busy schedule, short devotionals that take only about 5 minutes to read.

What’s inside:


  • 222 Devotions
  • Quick- Start Guide
  • Subject Index
  • Blank Paper for Note Taking

Readings plans that include the following

  • One Year Through the Bible
  • 60 Day Overview of the Bible
  • 30 Days for Beginning Your Walk With Christ
  • 30 Days with Jesus
  • 30 Days In Psalms
  • 30 Days In Proverbs
  • 20 Not – So – Famous Bible Stories
  • 30 Days with Paul
  • 30 Days of Promises
  • 30 Days of Leadership
  • 30 Days of Prayer
  • 30 Days of Knowing God
  • 30 Stories of Great Faith

About The Cover and Binding:


This Bible is a hardcover, so it’s sure to hold up with everyday use. The binding is sewn, so the pages are sure to say inside. This Bible is nice quality, and great for everyday use.

Personal Opinion:


I had expected this Bible to be different than what it was, I had expected a Bible with devotions that relate to students and things of that sort. This Bible uses storytelling format which is much different than what I had expected. I love how in the back of this Bible it has several readings plans. One of my favorite reading plans is the 20 Not – So – Famous Bible Stories, its so amazing to be able to recognize the not so famous Bible stories. To me this Bible is more of a study Bible rather than a devotional Bible. I would give this Bible four out of five stars. I recommend this Bible to anyone who is in college or anyone who has a busy schedule and wants short devotionals in their Bible.

Where to Buy:

I received this Bible from Book Look Bloggers In exchange for an honest review (All opinions are my own!)